Phantom Dad

by Ghost Dads

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We made this album over the spring and summer of 2013 because we were bored and like playing music together. Soooooo...


released August 23, 2013

Eddie Maurer - vocals, guitar, bowed guitar
Liam Kingsley - vocals, banjo, bowed banjo

All music and lyrics written and performed by Eddie Maurer & Liam Kingsley.

Eddie is thankless and spites God.

Liam is more grateful and would like to thank our friends and families (including Emma Maurer) and every girl that we wrote songs about. We are so very sorry.

3:32 pm uses Zachary Cox's reading of Christopher Kingsley's poem "Large Occasions" from "What The Truth Can Do." Permission was granted by both parties. Thanks to them for being so dope.

Album art by Hannah Kingsley



all rights reserved


Ghost Dads New Hamburg, New York

two dudes

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Track Name: Ghost Dads' Theme
Ghost Dadssssssssssssssssss
Track Name: Staggered Sleep
We could run, but I won't like the feeling.
So familiar, just let us be.
Dodging thoughts and staring at the ceiling.
Staggered sleeping and ruffled sheets.

I know you'll count me out.
I think I'm better off,
cause when your harsh wind hits my face too much
it starts to just feel numb.
I think I'll keep quiet from now on,
for fear of losing touch.
Track Name: The Watched Pot
Turn it slow,
watch it glow.

Warm our hands
in the pan.
Never boils.

Pour the oil.
Let it go.

Breathe in deep.
Fall asleep.

All decays,
Meet back some day,
Track Name: 3:32 pm
One time I opened my window
and stuck out my head
and waited for the exact moment
the almanac said winter
would turn on its dim bulb.
It was 3:32 pm December 22nd
and nothing happened at all.

It was like thinking about whether
or not I was in love.
Track Name: Winter Prayer
Oh, please raise me.
I'm kneeling from this winter.
Thoughts and feeling reeling with my demands, and hers.

But time just keeps persisting,
loving, lulling on.
A subtle wind could change the course of this song.

Space is fading,
and straining on the beams of the cabin we built two years ago.
And we've been rotting out
in this deepening rut.

But time just keeps persisting,
loving, lulling on.
A subtle wind could change the course of this song.
Track Name: State
I am staring at a letter
from a man I used to know.
He is dead now,
so he rarely ever calls.
And standing here in this location,
in the world’s united nations,
makes me wonder
if he ever did at all.

And I am staring at the ceiling
searching for words to tell this feeling
you're not welcome
and, please, leave my friends alone.
Cause laying here inside my bedroom,
wrapped in blankets, I assume
that no one else deserves
to feel just quite as low.

And I am staring in a mirror,
wondering what it is I see there;
is it me or
just a stranger in disguise?
Cause standing in this public bathroom
I could have swore I always knew
that if I just reached out
I’d touch the other side.

And I am staring at my mother,
hoping someday she’ll recover
from our childhoods,
the shitty games we played.
Cause standing here inside her kitchen
makes me realize all I’m missing’s
just the guilt
from all the debts I never paid.

And I am staring at my father
trying hard to tell his daughter,
"We’re all fucked up,
but I love you just the same.
And standing here in this location,
in the world’s united nations,
makes me realize
that all else is just a game.”

And I am staring at my sister,
wondering what she will become,
now that she’s older
than she’s ever been before.
And standing here inside her dorm
I am trying hard to warm
up to the fact that her promise
is more than mine will ever be

And I am staring at a lifetime
so much longer than I can take,
and it is simply waiting for me to begin.
But I will live its every moment
and I will love as best I can,
and they will bury me with flowers with my kin.

And I am